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Nursery Preparations (getting ready for baby)

This two hour visit is an excellent baby-shower gift for the parents to be. Both parents will benefit from our professional visit before the baby is born as we cover what is and isn't needed for baby, mother and the nursery.

Be advised on safety standards for baby care products and avoid buying unnecessary items which you may need to return later. Discuss with a professional which brands are more appropriate for you and your baby’s requirements.

Topics cover clothing, bedding, nursery equipment and furniture, bath, feeding and medical needs, play ideas, car and home fittings, prams, and many more ideas for baby, nursery and mother. Hand outs and a nursery check list is also provided. We also provide a handy list of items, for both parents, of things you may need for the birth and during your stay in hospital.

This service also includes our monthly newsletter and free e-book Snippets.

Cradle 2 Kindy educates and equips parents with successful parenting skills replacing fears and uncertainties about their baby’s and toddler’s needs, bringing about a peaceful home environment, confident parents and a contented baby.

"Thanks to Cradle 2 Kindy we were able to stock up our nursery with essentials. There were several items that we avoided buying, which meant we could spend on other more essential things. We had lots of questions answered and every aspect of our new baby’s life at home was covered from feeding equipment, bathing, and nursery needs. Even our dog, who has been our first baby until now, is in training. I can truly recommend this service to any expectant parents. It has been an eye opener in many areas and money well spent". Joanne.
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